Website Integration

Display Your AlpacaSeller Data in Your Own Website!

AlpacaSeller AU is Australia’s largest online alpaca trading place, packed with features and benefits no other site can match. This page is a showcase for the features people with their own websites and an AlpacaSeller account can immediately benefit from.

The Advantages

Integrating your website with AlpacaSeller allows you to enter once, and display twice, in the main AlpacaSeller Marketplace itself, and on your own website. Entering data in a centralised location not only saves time and tedious typing, but also ensures your website doesn't get out of synch with your current sales list—it’s all too common for websites to “fall behind” over time, displaying long sold animals as available and advertising stud services for males who are either deceased or have moved on to a new home.

Free to Use: Add a Search Form to Your Site

Add a Search Form to your own website for visitors to search your sales list on AlpacaSeller—the code to do this is listed in your AlpacaSeller account and is free for you to use! Try the search form below which will search Follyfoot Alpacas’ listings. Results display in a new window.

Your AlpacaSeller account gives you the HTML needed to display the search form on your site. You (or your webauthor) can easily tailor this to the style, look and feel of your own web site.

You can customise the search parameters by removing the options that do not apply to you—for example if you never have suris or grey alpacas these can be removed.

Search Sales List (example opens in new window)

Alpaca Breed Type

Alpaca Type

Alpaca Colour

Age of Alpaca

Free to Use: Sale, Stud Services and Diary Listings

You can display your:

  • Sale animals list (example opens in new window but can be embedded in website)
  • Stud services list (example opens in new window but can be embedded in website)
  • Packages list, and (example opens in new window but can be embedded in website)
  • Diary dates (example opens in new window but can be embedded in website)

Again, the code is provided free of charge with every AlpacaSeller account for you to insert into your website and use immediately. Your data appear as they normally would for a searcher who is browsing AlpacaSeller, except that there are no links to any other part of AlpacaSeller. The user will not necessarily be aware they are at a different web site. For users who find it much easier to keep their animal sales list up to date using AlpacaSeller, this is a useful feature. This has the advantage of keeping your sales lists in one centralised place whilst displaying on two sites at once, and also means that you can monitor “views” on your animals whether through AlpacaSeller or through your own web site.

Advanced Method—Seamless Integration: Development Fees Apply

The above options do a very good job of saving you time and money, by accessing your listings from one centralised place (the AlpacaSeller database) and displaying them in your own website at the same time.

But there is an even better, more advanced service available to you.

You can now have pages similar to the Birrong Suri Alpacas website below generated from your own listings, where photos and information are laid out to integrate seamlessly into your own website.

All data on this page come directly from AlpacaSeller—you wouldn’t even know it unless we told you!

And best of all: our new improved seamless integration is now fully mobile-friendly, and will display beautifully on any screen size from a small smartphone to a large desktop.

Birrong Suri Alpacas website

The pages available for seamless integration are:

  • Home/About
  • Females For Sale
  • Males For Sale
  • Potential Young Males For Sale
  • Wethers For Sale
  • Packages For Sale
  • Full Sales List
  • Full Sales List in German
  • Full Sales List in French
  • Full Sales List in Dutch
  • Full Sales List in Spanish
  • Full Sales List in Italian
  • Full Sales List in Norwegian
  • Full Sales List in Swedish
  • At Stud
  • Stud Services Terms and Conditions
  • Show Results
  • Photo Gallery
  • Cria Photo Gallery
  • Products Photo Gallery
  • Support/Backup
  • Husbandry Courses
  • Make an Enquiry
  • Contact Us
  • Yarn for Sale
  • Fleece for Sale
  • News
  • Diary
  • Agistment
  • Financing

Examples of Websites Using AlpacaSeller

If you integrate AlpacaSeller with your website as the websites on this page do, you are entitled to a free listing there. Please contact us with your website’s address and we’ll do the rest!

Website Development

Should you not have your own website or are seeking a new one, our website design business, Broad Ribbon Designs can assist you here. We also have a web hosting business, Optimate Web Hosting that specialises in Mission Critical Hosting, in that your website never goes down. These, together with being the AlpacaSeller AU partners, allows us to create a great online presence for you—including a full year’s web hosting free to you!