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Current Online Auctions

Online alpaca auctions currently running are listed here.

About AlpacaSeller Online Auctions

You can now run your own online auction with your AlpacaSeller account! Please note this is an additional feature not included with the ordinary account or AlpacaSeller-integrated websites, and a flat $220 set up fee applies. You can list as many alpacas as you have in your AlpacaSeller account.

If you don’t have your own website to run this on, we are happy to set up your own auction page on this our AlpacaSeller AU website at no additional cost.

Promotion of Your Auction

We will list all active auctions on the AlpacaSeller AU home page here., with a link to each auction. We will also place a free banner ad on the AlpacaSeller AU Marketplace just before and for the duration of the auction. We will also send out an email announcement to all AlpacaSeller AU account holders.

We also strongly recommend that breeders promote their auctions via their own means, to maximise their exposure.

Set Up

Once set up, breeders will have access to two new sections:
Manage Auction, and
Update Auction Closing Hour.

The “Manage Auction” allows the user to select which alpacas are for auction, set the closing date, set the opening bid price, and set the “Buy Now” price.

The “Update Auction Closing Hour” allows the user to specify when the auction finishes on the closing date.

If a bid is placed in the last five minutes then the auction close time for that alpaca extends by five minutes.

Bidders also have the option of purchasing a lot outright for a price specified by the user (“Buy Now”).

All bidding emails go to the breeder, and breeders are responsible for their own administration, such as contacting bidders and collecting payments, much like AlpacaSeller currently works.

Bidding emails contain the bidder’s name, email address, phone number, and of course, the bid amount and name of alpaca!

If you’re interested in running an online auction, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.